Keeping our Promise to Seniors

Congress has an obligation to rise above partisan rhetoric and ensure that the federal government keeps its promise to seniors who rely on Social Security and Medicare. I steadfastly believe that any reform to these programs must first start with the conviction that the Social Security and Medicare programs reflect benefits earned by individuals, and those benefits must not be reduced or eliminated.

Both Social Security and Medicare are in need of reform, but the federal government needs to keep its promise to seniors who have already made a financial life plan based on Medicare and Social Security benefits, which they should expect, based on decades of contributions to both programs. When the 2015 and 2016 House budgets proposed dramatic changes to the program, I kept my word and voted no. Further, I have introduced legislation to ensure that cost of living adjustments better keep pace with the true increases to a senior’s cost of living. By changing the factors government uses to set cost of living inflation rates among seniors, Social Security payments will more accurately reflect true cost of living needs.